December 22, 2018

"Today my forest is dark. The trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings."

For those who live with that black dog,depression, this season upon us may be one of the hardest times of the year. can also equal depletion.

One of my favourite definitions of depletion is:

The use or consumption of a resource..especially a natural resource..faster than it is replenished

I cannot say this enough times cannot pour from an empty vessel. You cannot hope to give to others if that which you hope to give is not present within you already and you are not constantly re-fuelling that tank

Let your most important gift this season be to yourself. Give yourself love, forgiveness and time

Whether you celebrate (or not) one...

September 12, 2018

Its the beginning of my very favourite season of the year and Autumn is truly summers last loveliest smile.

Perhaps you are packing away summer clothes and flip flops and wondering what to replace them with. Is there such a thing as Autumn clothes and shoes??!!

For me this Autumn is even more exciting as I have acquired a log burner. I am busy collecting logs and kindling and other eco friendly fuels and trying them out. My fire has become a focal point in my house and, rather like a new baby, I feed it on demand!

Studies have shown that staring at flames decreases blood pressure and also shows that we become calmer and more sociable. Its not only firegazing though..the smell of a fire and the sound of a fire crackling all play the...

April 8, 2018

I'm pleased to announce that my new loyalty card has arrived,hot off the press.

For every 5 full treatments, choose a free half hour treatment and for every 10 full treatments choose a free 1 hour treatment

(please note that this does not apply to Hypnotherapy)

April 3, 2018

On Sunday 8th April 2018 I will be doing free taster sessions of Hand and Foot Reflexology (approx 20 minutes) at Sereniti salt retreat.

Sereniti salt retreat is the first of its kind in the North East of England and is based in central Newcastle, not far from Chinatown and just behind The Gate.

There will be lots of other therapists there, between 1pm and 6pm, so why not come along and see the fabulous salt room, talk to the therapists and indulge in a few taster treatments.

                                                                                                                       I look forward to seeing you...

March 12, 2018

Reflexology,maybe combined with either Reiki or Indian Head Massage, make lovely Easter treats

No calories,absolutely fat free...whats not to like?!

Gift vouchers for all combinations are available

January 8, 2018

I greeted a new client yesterday afternoon.

I always ask if they have had/know anything about Reflexology. My client said that he'd had Reflexology before... but after our treatment mentioned that it had been nothing like what he had just experienced. 

It seems that what he got was a foot massage,the 'therapist' hadn't gone through a checklist of contraindications or noted down what they observed/felt on the feet,or a medical questionnaire

I was sad for him and then I was angry as I wondered how many others had paid good money for a foot massage thinking that it was Reflexology

It's not foot massage...that's what happens AFTER the treatment!

Always check the therapy provider,ask questions about the treatment and their experience. Ask...

January 5, 2018

I'm willing to bet that you are now heartily sick of being bombarded with articles and posts,from all directions (especially social media) about 'New Year..New You' 

Making changes in your life, whether they be physical e.g weight loss,exercising or giving up smoking or any other unwanted behaviours, are always in the forefront of our minds in January. We beat ourselves up and feel guilty about the food and drink consumed over the festive season.

This isn't the best mindset to start a new regime

Let January be a month of planning instead of doing...write down your thoughts on the changes that you want to effect in your life. Draw up a list of the positives and negatives...think ahead to 6 months time. 

How will you be,feel,look in J...

December 21, 2017

Yesterday,for the first time in a long while,I had a Reflexology treatment

I have lapsed in recent years and although I practice Reflexology on myself,when I can, nothing can compare with a full treatment from another Reflexologist

This morning I felt full of energy and for the first time in ages my lower back wasn't aching when I got out of bed. As I walked I felt light and bright,as if I'd been super charged!.

It brought it home to me that although I am as passionate today (as I was when I qualified in 2004) about Reflexology and the changes it can usher in, actually re-experiencing a treatment has compounded that which I know to be true. It is also a timely reminder to myself and all therapists that you cant pour from an empty v...

November 12, 2017

Yesterday I was very proud to become a Reiki Japanese it is 'Sensei'

Myself and others had a fabulous day,instructed and attuned by the marvellous Gena King (find her on Facebook under Heart and Soul Healing)

Becoming a Reiki Master means that my Reiki treatments,and also Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments too, take on a new intensity and perform at a new level. I have already felt this difference in the reiki share that I was part of after receiving my Master symbol

I'm so pleased to be able to introduce new 2 Hour combination treatments. These can consist of a hour of Reflexology and an hour of Reiki or an hour of Indian Head Massage and an hour of Reiki.

Investment for 2 hours of nurturing is £40

For informa...

October 1, 2017

I have always loved Autumn best. The colours of Autumn have always been my favourite hues and although we haven't had much of a summer this year (not in North East England anyway) I'm still looking forward to this lovely season.

Its a time to pick up books and pens,wool and material,paint and paper. A time to start composting for next year, and not just in the garden.

All that we are at this time of year is an amalgam of every experience that we have had in the last nine months. Every thought uttered,every smile,tear and hug. Memories...good or bad. They have all settled nicely down in layers creating new thoughts and insights that can be applied to new growth in the spring.

This Autumn I'm especially looking forward to starting my...

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