March 21, 2017

Do you like your feet? Most people that I have spoken to have emphatically said 'NO!!'

Feet get a bad press... but everyone loves babies feet. They are soft,small,perfectly formed and are able to perform the most amazing contortions!

As we get older the bones start to harden and ill-fitting shoes take their toll. Walking barefoot,especially on a pebbly beach, is great for the feet. In China they have 'Reflexology pathways' consisting of different textures of rocks,stones and other organic materials,that access the reflexes of the feet whilst walking the path.

What is Reflexology? Well I can tell you what its not! Its not foot massage...that is what you get after a treatment with me (and a glass of cool water) Its a therapy tha...

March 21, 2017

I have always firmly believed that a lot of ailments,both physical and mental,can be attributed in no small part to the fuel that we give our bodies and minds. If our body and brain doesn't get the essential proteins,vitamins,amino acids and other trace nutrients and minerals, then it cannot function at optimum efficiency.

When I see clients I always question them closely about their diet and eating habits. The world we live in is a fast paced, frenetic place. We eat too much,drink too much, work too long and usually sleep too little. Often,by making small changes in what we choose to allow into our model of our world,physical ailments like heartburn,indigestion,headaches and insomnia (to name but a few) can be all...

March 5, 2017

Life stands before me, like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.

If you are a gardener then you will have already made preparations with soil and seeds and pots. The ideas for your garden may have arisen last October, November or December. Then.. seeds are sown and germinate as the soil grows warm and the tiny seedlings feel the sun.

In life.. Spring can be a great time to cast off the old. Old habits, old clothes, old behaviours and old patterns of thinking. Its a great time to try something new, to break out of that box that you tucked yourself into over the winter.

Try small, with baby steps. Alter your routing in the morning...brush your teeth with your other hand. Drive a different route to work. Its good to...

November 13, 2016

 An Indian head and face massage (either one and a half hours or an hour) makes a lovely gift for friends and family. Or even....heaven forbid(!) to treat yourself!

For anyone that has never experienced this wonderful massage let me talk you through the routine

First off...a relaxing and unwinding massage of the upper back,shoulders and neck. This gently releases pockets of tension,replacing them with soothed, relaxed and happy muscle. Many people find, at this stage, that they are able to merely observe their cares and worries instead of letting them take over.

 Once the back and neck are relaxed its time to treat tense scalps and hair follicles to some TLC .

Its a well known fact that tense scalps strangle the blood supply to...

September 6, 2016

This is a great way to access the reflexes on both the hands and the feet. It can be done anywhere! When you roll your feet over the golf ball and apply pressure it breaks up all of the tension that is being held there. I like to give this as homework to my clients between treatments. It really works.

Video is courtesy of Kevin and Barbara Kunz.. who are very successful reflexologists and authors,living and working in the USA

August 30, 2016

It can be difficult to balance. Have you ever tried to walk along a narrow ledge in a graceful way,desperately trying to maintain balance whilst wildly flapping and windmilling your arms around,trying to keep upright?

There are balance asanas (poses)in yoga. The secret is to fix your eyes on one spot and slowly get into the pose,keeping your eyes on your chosen spot. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!

How your mind and body feels,both physically and emotionally, is down to balancing sleep and work and leisure time.Its what fuel you give your body to enable the systems of the body to gain nutrients to power the bodily functions. If you listen to your body it will let you know what it likes and what it hates. Its very clev...

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