Back and Forth

February 3, 2019

 The part of our brain which allows us to laugh and cry, feel pain and fear,enjoy and understand humour and music,feel warmth and cold and numerous other traits is called the Limbic brain (limbic means lining). It is our survival mechanism, whilst all the while striving to maintain homeostasis or balance.


So the Limbic brain is the source of our primitive emotional responses such as fear or anger. However,when this balance is disrupted it may cause emotional disorder and physiological or physical imbalance in the body.


I have always believed that dis-ease started in the mind and if not addressed would manifest in the body as an 'ailment'

I still believe this to be true but I have realised that its a two way communication.


Negative thought patterns,values,low self esteem,self worth and self love can all play their part in how the physical body functions and reframing these old patterns and values (in a new and positive way)  may certainly improve physical health.


Looking after the needs of the physical body and creating balance can also affect our mental health. This includes choosing food that will nourish us physically and mentally, ensuring that the body maintains a healthy weight ratio and choosing an exercise that we enjoy.


The mind and body are not separate entities but intersect with each imbalance in one means that in order to maintain a healthy homeostatic norm the other must 'borrow' from the other.


Many therapies such as Reflexology,Acupuncture,Homeopathy and therapeutic massage work on the physical.. which may impact the health of the mind. Just as Hypnotherapy,NLP and EFT work on the mind... which may impact on the health of the physical.


The picture above depicts two cable cars. One is climbing the mountain and the other is descending. For me..this illustrates perfectly how I see the body/mind connection.







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