Reflexology and the Limbic Brain

November 18, 2019


I have recently gained a qualification which adds to my skills as a Reflexologist.


The Limbic brain (Limbic meaning 'lining') detects and protects us from danger. It allows us to laugh and cry, feel warmth and hunger, to feel pain and fear and to control them also. It gives us our motivation and controls all of our physiological processes. It monitors our environment and initiates the responses to the changes that are going on around us. It strives to keep us safe and maintain balance.


The reflexes of the Limbic brain were discovered by a Reflexologist,Hamish Edgar, a mental health nurse for 45 years.He found that a particular area, on the big toe (when worked) had a significant effect on the symptoms of anxiety and the somatic symptoms of anxiety.


More Limbic brain reflexes were discovered, and still more are yet to be uncovered. The development of Limbic reflexology initially involved working with people living with Fibromyalgia..with the aim of the treatment to improve function.


It may be helpful for 





Chronic Pain

Anxiety and mood disorders


Sleep disorders


As with any other complementary therapies there are NO guarantees..just as there are no guarantees with allopathic medicine. However, there are some very good research articles, specifically surrounding Limbic Reflexology.


If you would like to discuss how it may help you please email or ring me for a non obligatory chat and/or a visit to my treatment room








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