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How might Reflexology work?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

FMRI has been used in studies in Japan to investigate Reflexology

There is some connection between the specific foot reflex and the brain. Whether this be neural, chemical or fascial, is not yet understood. There is no research as yet that shows that Reflexology connects the brain to the organ. However, brain blood flow matches the Reflexology points. Maybe more connections will come through other branches of science, through parallel research.

Research has been done also on the cardiac arteries to the kidney and the main artery into the gut

In one study some of the volunteers were given the wrong information regarding the reflexology point on the foot that was being worked. They were told that the eye reflex point was in a certain place on the foot (which was incorrect) The study showed that it didn't matter what the brain heard, it actually reacted to the Reflexology stimulus.

Reflexology has come a long way and good research will play a part in ensuring that it is accepted as a healing modality, through bringing the body back into balance i.e. homeostasis.

This week is World Reflexology Week

Have you tried Reflexology before or have been curious about it?

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