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Love your feet!

If your feet ache, or feel stiff and inflexible, it may be a good time to start exercising them.

Try this routine, either in the morning before you get out of bed, or in the evening before you go to bed.

Get into a comfortable position, preferably lying down. Raise the foot and bend your leg at the knee. Then...rotate your foot, dont force it if the ankle is stiff, try and engage all of your toes whilst you rotate it. Do this 20 time clockwise and 20 times anticlockwise, with each foot.

Then..try and gently bring your foot back and forwards 20 times...again be gentle...dont force the foot.

You will find though that, in time, the flexibility of your feet will increase. These exercises are very progressive.

Take note of how the rest of your body feels, now that your feet feel relaxed and flexible. I promise you that you will get a surprise!

If you havent experienced Reflexology before, and would like to try it, I'm offering a 15% discount off your first treatment.

Just message me or book online, and state feet15 when you book

Elaine x

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