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Reflexology can be a valuable tool in managing your own wellbeing and its also very useful for helping others.

With this in mind...I intend to run a one day workshop of Reflexology techniques for anyone who would be interested in learning some basic Reflexology and foot massage movements

This one day workshop will NOT be accredited and it will not give a certificate or qualification to enable anyone to set up as a Reflexologist (anyone interested in this I would recommend that they visit for accredited Reflexology training)

It will, however, enable you to practice basic Reflexology on yourself,family and friends.

The techniques that I will show you may be very useful for relaxation, stressful situations, soothing fractious babies (and adults!!), headaches, digestive problems. The list goes on.

The techniques are not a replacement or intended to be a replacement for medical treatment from a G.P or clinician.

You will work in pairs to practice on each other...its advisable to keep your fingernails short for this course!

Refreshments will be provided

There will be a comprehensive folder of these techniques for you to take home

Investment: £60

Watch this space for further information

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