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Update : Friday 1st May 2020

Hello everyone. I hope that you are all keeping safe and well? I think I can say that I am really missing you all...and with that in mind I have a question to put to you

Industry conversations have now started about what a return to work might look like for therapists, if we assume that this virus is here to stay. At some point we will be told by government and our governing bodies that we can return to work, but its likely that there will be some conditions attached to protect both therapists and clients.

This would likely mean that future hands-on appointments may involve us both being masked and perhaps me wearing very fine gloves. Would you be happy to have a treatment in this kind of environment...or would you rather wait for months/a year or more until this virus is made less deadly?

Please email me or text me your answer. Apart from anything else it really would be lovely to hear from you

Elaine xx

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