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Update on Therapies

From Thursday 5th November, due to updated government guidelines, I will be suspending Reflexology and Reiki treatments...however Hypnotherapy via Zoom or Skype will be unaffected

Hopefully I will be able to resume Reflexology and Reiki from the beginning of December (2nd) all being well

Gift Vouchers are available to buy for Reflexology and Reiki treatments. They make lovely gifts for Christmas and I have extended the expiry date on them until 31 May 2021.

For all of us the prospect of a second lockdown is going to be hard. The nights are long and dark...especially so for people suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and it can be hard to remain positive whilst news and guidelines seem to be changing everyday causing everyone to feel very overwhelmed.

If you would like to speak to me via Zoom or Skype about Reflexology...maybe you would like to try and work on your hands or feet?...just email, call or text me and we can set something up. I will talk you through a session, showing you what reflexes and movements to use on your feet or hands and how to work your hands/feet to promote relaxation. There is no charge for this.

I can also tailor a 30 minute one to one guided meditation to help with any specific anxieties that you may have. Again, this would be via Zoom or Skype. There is a small charge of £7 for this service.

Remember to breathe through this time. If you catch yourself shallow breathing or breath holding...stop for 5 minutes and concentrate on some deep breathing. There is a very good video on Youtube by Dr Andrew Weil, showing how to do the 4-7-8 breathing exercise.

Take care of yourselves

Elaine xx

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